Nail-biting netball games in Honiton leage

Division 1

HONITON Netball Club’s Hotshots have now played two games and won both after a successful win over Sidmouth Toucans.

From the very first centre whistle, Hotshots took control of the game and they were leading 11-3 after the first 12 minutes. Toucans began to find their feet in the second quarter and went from scoring only three goals in the first quarter to taking it up to securing 12 overall.

However, Hotshots continued to play well and, despite the best efforts of Vicki Russell (wing defence for Sidmouth Toucans), they also continued to net the goals, taking the amount scored overall to 17.

In the third and fourth quarter, Hotshots were well into the swing of things and gelled well as a team to continue putting on defensive pressure with some particularly fine work from wing defence Jane Masoli. This defensive pressure teamed with carefully thought-out passes and skilful shooting secured the win for Hot Shots with the final score being 37-22.

Signs South West (SSW) team captain and goal shooter Michaela Newton described her team’s week five game as “soggy” and thanked the ladies of Hi Q for a crash course back into Division 1 after they were defeated 33-13.

Despite the SSW shooters finding their range early on, they struggled to take the ball through court to goal with Hi Q dominating the play in the mid-court and making skilful intercepts.

Hi Q were the dominant side throughout the game despite Orla Hankin’s best efforts for SSW. Unsurprisingly, Laura French was voted Hi Q’s player of the match for her work as goal shooter.

Division 2

Beer Blazers and 3Ts found themselves in a nerve-rackingly close game. Both teams started well with quick movement down the court from both sides but 3Ts edged ahead with one goal, ending the first 12 minutes 7-6.

A fantastic battle continued between the teams with the attackers from both competing to get the ball to their shooters. A couple of errors from 3Ts, paired with some deft defending, allowed the Beer side to net more goals and lead by 15-12.

In the third quarter, 3Ts’ defensive pressure was a force to be reckoned with and some shots were missed by the Blazers. This permitted 3Ts to catch up and narrow the goal difference, bringing the score before the final quarter to a draw at 24-24.

It was all to play for in the final 12 minutes with both sides wanting to secure three points to assist them to stay near the top of the Division 2 table. The last quarter started with trepidation and errors from both sides, but a little more so from the Blazers.

3Ts managed to pull ahead and secure two more goals, giving them the win by the sound of the final whistle. The game ended 34-32 to 3Ts.

Gemma Langham’s excellent attacking and accurate shooting was rewarded with player of the match for Beer, while Meg Gooding’s agility and great use of space when playing as wing attack won her the title for 3Ts.

Otter Valley and Ridge Roofing were against each other for both teams’ second match of the winter season. It started off very close between the two sides and by the end of the first quarter Otter Valley led by one goal at 4-3.

In the next 12 minutes, play continued to see the ball making its way up and down the court fairly evenly but Ridge Roofing took advantage of a turnover and managed to pull ahead so this time it was their turn to be up by one goal at the end of the second quarter, 10-9.

However, everything changed after half-time. Otter Valley found a new lease of life and seemed to settle into their attacking whilst also defending skilfully, allowing them to pull away to win 27-17 by the final whistle.

Sam Brunskill’s defensive display as goal keeper did not go unnoticed and she was chosen as Ridge Roofing’s player of the match, while wing defence and captain, Victoria Paley, picked up the award for Otter Valley.

Division 3

There was another extremely close game between Hontion Honeyz and Sidmouth Kites and, by the end of the first quarter, it was a tie with both teams having scored three goals each.

In the second quarter, Honeyz edged ahead of Kites by two goals, so the half-time score was 8-6.

In the third quarter, the Honiton ladies continued the pattern of leading by two so going into the final quarter there was still everything to play for.

Sidmouth Kites fought hard and played determinedly and came from being two goals behind in the previous two quarters to narrowing the gap and getting ahead. They managed to secure a win by one solitary goal; the final score was 18-17.

Kerry Gibbs played particularly well for the Honeyz and picked up the player of the match accolade and Mandy French shone for the Sidmouth side.

It wasn’t such a close game between Heat and Ottery-based Firecrackers. Heat stormed ahead from the first whistle and by half-time they were up 25 goals to Firecrackers three.

Play continued in this fashion despite some determined work put in from Nicky Brook of Firecrackers. By the final whistle, it was 44-9 to Heat. Pippa Mostyn was the star shooter for Heat, in position as goal attack.

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