Nail-biting end to season for Lyme’s championship bowlers

Sue Rowe, Pam Weech and Ann Allman after winning their semi-final of the Benevolent Triples.
Sue Rowe, Pam Weech and Ann Allman after winning their semi-final of the Benevolent Triples.

By Paul Moffitt

A NEARLY but not quite for Lyme Regis Bowling Club ladies in the county finals. Firstly, they failed to reach the final of the June Culpin trophy by just three shots. Having had a comfortable lead midway through the game, it started to rain. The opposition,Dorchester, coped much better with the wet conditions and slowly overhauled Lyme’s ladies.

Next came disappointment in the Benevolent Triples and the Mixed Four’s being played at Greenhill during the county finals weekend. In the triples they had a fine win in the semi-final but had no answer to a very strong trio from Gillingham in the final.

In the afternoon, Alan and Pam Weech partnered with Trevor and Ann Allman taking on a quartet from Greenhill in the final of the county mixed 4’s. Despite a gallant effort, they finally succombed to the four Greenhill players.

In the friendlies, the club won both games. Firstly, a comfortable win against a touring side from Carshalton with Lyme winning on all rinks. Against Seaton,  it was a much closer affair with Lyme just sqeezing past the visitors by two shots.

The highlight of the week came when the ladies played Dorchester B in the county league. They bagged nine points, which guarantees their place in the top division by one point with one game to play. The ladies can now relax against Dorchester A knowing they are safe.

This means that both the men and the ladies hang on to their top division places having both left it to nailbiting games at the end of the season.


Dorset Ladies Division 1

Lyme 71; Dorchester B 50

H Dowling, C Pomeroy, L Broom, C Barber 18-18; A Allman, A Darvill, N Stephens, P Weech 30-19; J Moffitt, J Parsons, P Knight, S Rowe 23-13.


Lyme 72; Seaton 70

J Sherring, P Moseley, G Clode, N Solomon 15-24; L Young, P Hancock, P Stephens, P Weech 21-12; A Sherring, J Owen, J Moseley, S Pomeroy 21-9; B Smith, T Young, B Parsons, A Weech 15-25.

Lyme 127; Carshalton Tour 9

A Sherring, C Pomeroy, J Parsons, P Weech 21-14; R Turpin, C Haseman, J Moffitt, B Rattenbury 25-12; L Young, J Sherring, B Driscoll, J Moseley 21-11; M knight, M Haseman, A Darvill, P Moffitt 21-20; N Driscoll, R Hunt, P Knight, A Weech 21-19.


Woodmead Halls
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