Lyme Regis Skittles League

skittlesLYME Regis Skittles League results up to September 28.

Men’s Bob Sweetland Cup

Skittle Me Timbers 316 v President’s Men 333

Roadrunners 383 v Marksmen 380

Wreckers 312 v British Legion 293

Flyers 290 v Shakers 267

Trappers 325 v Anthill Mob 345

Rousdon Rebels 375 v Young Guns 355

Clueless 359 v No Hopers 402

Miscellaneous v Alleytwits TBA

High Scores: T Mayers 80; A Studley 80; P Rattenbury 71

High Team Score: No Hopers 402

Start of League Games

Monday, September 30th

Hot Gossips v Pin Pals

Wootton Wobblers v La Crème

Tuesday, October 1st

Skittle Me Timbers v President’s Men

Wednesday, October 2nd

Clueless v Shakers

Trappers v Miscellaneous

Thursday, October 3rd

No Hopers v Wreckers

Skittso’s v Generations

Friday, October 4th

Alleytwits v Young Guns

Anthill Mob v Rousdon Rebels

British Legion v Flyers

Marksmen v Roadrunners


Woodmead Halls

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