Lyme Ladies win the June Culpin trophy

The Lyme Ladies team that won the June Culpin trophy: from the left, back row –  Ann Allman, Erica Sarson, Sue Rowe, Pam Weech, Mary Haseman. Front row: Angela Rattenbury, Nicky Driscoll, Lesley Broom, Chris Pomeroy.

By Paul Moffitt

HUGE congratulations to the Lyme Regis Bowling Club Ladies who have won the June Culpin trophy against Blandford.
The team were: Ann Allman, Lesley Broom, Nicky Driscoll, Mary Haseman, Chris Pomeroy, Angela Rattenbury, Sue Rowe, Erica Sarson and Pam Weech. The overall victory was by eight shots.
With all the leagues now finished, it was the friendlies that were to the fore. Two tour games, against Woolston and City of Birmingham, came back-to-back on Monday and Tuesday with vastly differing results. The all male team from Woolston proved too strong for Lyme,  but saw a reversal of fortunes against the City of Birmingham. In the other two friendlies, it was a win against Severalls but a loss to Seaton.
This Sunday sees the club off to Winchester to play in one of the highlight games of the season.
Lyme 77; Severalls 57
L Young, C Haseman, P Moffitt, P Weech 16-18;  N Driscoll, J Sherring, J Moseley, P Knight 19-14;  J Moon, T Young, R Gale, A Weech 25-12;  M Haseman, P Moseley, D Meylan, S Rowe 17-13.
Lyme 70; Seaton 84
R Hunt, P Fortnam, A Nabarro, A Weech 21-10;  A Sherring, P Moseley, R Gale, H Dowling 17-32;  J Moon, J Sherring, S Dowling, P Weech 13-20;  A Hopkins, C Boyle, J Moseley, E Sarson 19-22.
Lyme 82; Woolston Tour 114
L Young, P Fortnam, R Hunt, J Moseley 12-18;  N Driscoll, P Walker, J Sherring, A Weech 19-20;  A Allman, C Haseman, B Driscoll, P Knight 14-31;  A Sherring, P Stephens, B Parsons, P Moffitt 27-12;  M Haseman, R McLennan, T Young, P Weech 10-33.
Lyme 139,  City of Birmingham Tour 65
C Pomeroy, C Boyle, T Allman, D Meylan 15-21;  N Driscoll, A Nabarro, B Parsons, A Weech 36-6;  A Allman, A Sherring, B Driscoll, P Weech 23-7;  R McLennan, T Young, A Rattenbury, S Pomeroy 17-11;  L Young, P Stephens, J Moseley, S Rowe 26-9;  B Rattenbury, J Sherring, P Knight, P Moffitt 22-11.
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