Lifeline for Lyme’s championship bowlers

bowlsBy Paul Moffitt

IN the leagues, the Lyme Regis Bowling Club championship side have given themselves a life-

line with a 6-4 win at Wellworthy. They now need just two points in their last game against Bridport to be sure of survival in the top league. The ladies came away from Sherborne with just 2 points gained by Sue Rowe’s rink.

The ladies fared better in the June Culpin Trophy, booking themselves a semi-final slot after beating Wellworthy convincingly.

In the Gridley Triples, a drawn club competition, the victors by some margin were Avril Sherring, Steve Pomeroy and Barry Rattenbury.

The club racked up two more losses, in the friendlies, against Chardstock and Severalls Jubilee.


Dorset Men’s Championship:

Lyme 56; Wellworthy 42.

This scoreline includes a penalty 18 shots and two points conceded by Wellworthy for fielding only two teams.

M Heneghan, C Barber, S Chant, P Pomeroy 21-24; P Moffitt, S Pomeroy, C Stephens, B Rattenbury 17-18.


Lyme 65; Chardstock 74

J Bishop, J Kesterton, P Stephens, Chris Barber 9-20; J Moon, D Sarson, P Knight, P Weech 17-17; E Sarson, D Courtenay-Smith, A Nabarro, Chas Barber 19-17; B Smith, R Turpin, R Cridge, A Weech 20-20.

Lyme 62; Severalls Jubilee 75

B Smith, J Moon, C Powcock [Severalls], P Moffitt 25-11; T Young, P Hancock, A Nabarro, J Moseley 12-19; P Moseley, M Haseman, B Parsons, D Meylan 11-23; L Young, K Richardson [Severalls], B Moon, A Weech 14-22.


Woodmead Halls
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