Con Club and Castle lead crib league after two weeks

AFTER two weeks, Axminster Conservative Club and Castle Inn, Axminster, are leading the Lyme Regis Cribbage League with eight points each. Lamb Swans are heading the Beer Leg, one point ahead of Dolphin, Beer.

Week two results (September 13): Nags Head Lyme Regis 3, Colyton Club 2 (Beer Leg 1-2); New Inn Kilmington 4, Volunteer Lyme Regis 1 (B/L 2-1); Gerrard Arms Colyton 4, Dolphin Beer 1 (B/L 1-2);  Axminster Con Club 4, Lamb Swans 1 (B/L 1-2); Castle Inn Axminster 3, The Hind Musbury 2 (B/L 1-2).

Fixtures (Monday, September 27): first round of the Knock-Out Cup – Gerrard Arms Colyton v Colyton Club.

Lyme Regis Winter Crib League

Axminster Con Club220828
Castle Inn Axminster220828
Gerrard Arms Colyton220737
New Inn Kilmington220737
Nags Head Lyme Regis210323
Dolphin Beer202373
Lamb Swans202373
The Hind Musbury202373
Colyton Club202182
Volunteer Lyme Regis101141

Beer League

Lamb Swans220515
Dolphin Beer220424
The Hind Musbury220424
Castle Inn Axminster211333
Colyton Club211333
New Inn Kilmington211333
Axminster Con Club222242
Gerrard Arms Colyton202151
Nags Head Lyme Regis101121
Volunteer Lyme Regis101121
Woodmead Halls

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