Big victory keep Lyme bowlers in the championship

bowlsBy Paul Moffitt

WELL well well! The championship team at Lyme Regis Bowls Club have just gone and done it.

A thumping victory over fellow relegation prospects Bridport has not only secured them a place in the top flight for next season,  but the club finished in fifth place over all. A bit like the English cricketers, they fought to the end.So tight were the margins at the foot of the table, the 10-0 win against Bridport automatically relegates them to Division 1.

No such good fortune for Lyme 2 men in Division 1;  they are relegated to Division 2 next season. It’s been a difficult season for them, strugglingt to put out a settled side.

It was a case of anything the men can do the ladies can match it. Facing a strong side from Poole Park at home, they also managed to secure all 10 points, not something they will have done too often in the past against this oppostion. With three games still left to play, the ladies will need to keep the hammer down in order to avoid the same fate as Lyme 2.

Lyme lost both friendlies against Yeovil and a touring side from Brookfield Electric.

A timely reminder to the men’s league members that the end-of-season supper and roll-up will on Monday, September 2..


Dorset Men’s Championship

Lyme 67; Bridport 38

Trevor Allman, Alan Nabarro, Steve Chant, Paul Pomeroy 23-12; Mick Heneghan, Geoff Clode, Charlie Barber, Paul Moffitt 18-12; Barry Driscoll, Brian Parsons, Steve Pomeroy, Barry Rattenbury 26-14.

West Dorset Men Division 1

Lyme 2, 47; Greenhill A 65

M Knight, J Owen, P Eagles, D Meylan 9-27; N Solomon, A Preece, S Dowling, R Cridge 22-25; B Smith, P Fortnam, P Stephens, J Moseley 16-13.

This is the result from August : Lyme 2 were unable to field a team last week and forfeited the points.

Dorset Ladies Division 1

Lyme 78; Poole Park 44

H Dowling, C Pomeroy, L Broom, C Barber 25-14; J Moffitt, J Parsons, P Knight, S Rowe 28-12; A Allman, A Darvill, A Rattenbury, P Weech 25-18.


Lyme 87; Brookfield Electric 96

N Driscoll, J Moffitt, N Stephens, J Moseley 15-27; J Moon, M Haseman, B Parsons, B Rattenbury 24-15; B Smith, C Haseman, A Rattenbury, P Knight 14-15; E Sarson, J Parsons, B Driscoll, S Rowe 19-11.

Lyme 58; Yeovil 97

B Smith, P Moseley, P Edmonds, S Rowe 16-23; E Sarson, J Parsons, B Driscoll, P Weech 10-23; N Driscoll, D Sarson, B Moon, J Moseley 19-17; J Moon, A Nabarro, B Parsons, A Weech 13-34.


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