Axe Cliff Golf Club: ‘Please Boris, let us play again!

Axe Cliff – Photo 1 looking over the Jurassic Coast and the Undercliff

By Dave Bruce

GREAT news – we have all booked in for our first competition since the second lockdown for Friday, December 4.  Please Boris, let it happen and I’ll vote for you again, or babysit, or clean your car – whatever it takes!

In the meantime our very own RPIC (Remote Pilot in Command), with his wonderful ‘Topflite’ drone, has continued his watch on our lovely course, which is looking very green, at present, from just under 400 feet to share with everyone.

In TF’s first picture, looking from the sea, over the Jurassic Coast and Undercliff, we have a bird’s eye view, in the bottom left corner, of our infamous 16th green which is at the bottom of a 45-degree slope.

This is the bit of the course that the public can see from the town and is the nice green bit of the cliff overlooking the harbour.

In the top right quarter you can see the 15th green with the 16th tee further back on its right. Just left of the 15th green, you have the small 9th green of the first Par 5 hole, of over 500 yards.

Most seniors, apart from Brian Thompson and a few others, take a minimum of four shots to get even close!

Axe Cliff – Photo 2 with amazing views of the River Axe and the Wetlands

In the second picture TF has captured my ‘normal’ first drive on the 17th of some 200 yards stopping just before the ridge leaving about 150 yards, or 7 iron, to the green which one can’t see as it is below the eyeline, but you do have a 20-foot post behind the green to guide you in. It’s partly hidden by bushes in the middle of the picture.

On the left one can partially see the clubhouse again, surrounded by trees and bushes, and the first green in the middle right surrounded by four bunkers to stop. Scratch Cup finalist, big Stuart Mackie, going for the Par 4, with his first drive and Bill Polley, not so big, and the other finalists and treasurer, are very thankful for that.

In the top left quarter you have an amazing view of the beautiful River Axe and Wetlands with scenic Axmouth hidden by trees and bushes. I can tell its high tide as I can’t see the late medieval fishing boat just SW of this 14th century, once major port, that one can often see at low tide. In the middle right one gets a glimpse of the Par 4, 6th green, with a bunker either side.

Axe Cliff 3 – the garden in memory of Dawn Stewart

The third picture, this time by me, is of the lovely memorial area that is looked after by our caring Ladies Section for the longstanding tribute and memory of the late Dawn Stewart.

Dawn was a long-time member of the section and a former captain. I remember her as a formidable character and very active member. She and her husband, Ian, lived in Seaton running a care home for many years.

Sandra Walker and I think it was called Ashbury House which was on the corner of Fore Street and the Underfleet. Before that they spent many years working abroad. Ian was an agronomist. They left Ashbury House and went to live in Seafield Road.

When Ian died, Dawn moved to Ryalls Court and when she died she left a bequest to our Ladies Section, hence the cherry tree, her favourite, was planted in this pretty little area just off the third green and the garden area around it has lovingly developed over the years much to Dawn’s approval I am sure.


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