Another poor league week for Lyme bowlers

bowlsBy Paul Moffatt

IT’S been another very poor week for Lyme Regis Bowling Clubs in the league fixtures.  The ladies failed to get a point against Blandford, the championship men only gained a single point against Poole Park and Lyme 2 men only managed two points against Bridport A.

The friendlies were a little better, with one win, one draw and two losses, or in the case of the game against Cranford more of a slaughter!

Commiserations to Pam Weech, Angela Rattenbury, Chris Pomeroy and Alex Darvill who were narrowly beaten by Bridport in the quarter finals of the county ladies’ fours.

Dorset Men’s Championship.
Lyme 53; Poole Park 61.
T Allman, C Barber, S Pomeroy, S Chant 15-18; M Heneghan, A Nabarro, A Weech, B Rattenbury 14-19; B Driscoll, G Clode, P Moffitt, P Pomeroy 24-24.

West Dorset Men Division 1.
Lyme 56; Bridport A 60.
P Edmonds, N Solomon, P Eagles, D Meylan 11-23; S Dowling, R Hobbs, B Parsons, K Hickman 20-22; M Knight, J Beadsley, P Stephens, J Moseley 25-15.

Dorset Ladies Division 1.
Lyme 46; Blandford 63.
H Dowling, C Pomeroy, L Broom, C Barber 11-30; J Moffitt, J Parsons, P Knight, S Rowe 19-23; A Allman, A Darvill, A Rattenbury, P Weech 16-20.

Lyme 95; Sidmouth 95.
N Driscoll, M Davies, P Knight 14-21; P Moseley, S Dowling, P Weech 15-10; A Darvill, N Solomon, H Dowling 18-9; J Davies, E Sarson, A Rattenbury 19-21; M Knight, J Lewis, D Meylan 13-15; J Moon, P Stephens, J Moseley 16-19.

Lyme 98; Honiton 80.
M Heneghan, J Sherring, J Moffitt, A Weech 21-16; A Darvill, D Sarson, A Rattenbury, H Dowling 27-13; J Moon, S Dowling, B Parsons, Chas Barber 14-17; E Sarson, B Moon, P Moffitt, Chris Barber 14-20; B Smith, J Parsons, J Lewis, P Weech 22-14.

Lyme 89; Madeira 92.
N Driscoll, A Sherring/P Weech, P Edmonds, B Moon 19-15; J Moon, D Sarson, S Dowling, B Parsons 14-17; J Sherring, M Davies, S Pomeroy 16-24; E Sarson, D Courtenay-Smith, B Driscoll, B Rattenbury 17-18; B Smith, J Davies, N Solomon, A Weech 23-18.

Lyme 73; Canford 132.
M Knight, B Driscoll, A Preece, B Parsons 9-26; J Parsons, B Moon, J Moffitt, Chris Barber 7-25; J Sherring, J Bishop, P Moffitt, B Rattenbury 10-26; N Driscoll, P Moseley, P Knight, A Weech 10-20; B Smith, N Benson, Chas Barber 16-17; J Moon, R Bishop, J MOseley, S Pomeroy 21-18.

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