Scouts get to grips with car mechanics

Members of the 1st Lym Valley Scouts with Matt Prowse from Cobb Garage

SCOUTS from 1st Lym Valley visited Cobb Garage in Lyme Regis over a two-week period to get to grips with the basics of car maintenance as part of the mechanics badge.

The Scouts learned about how engines work, replacing a road wheel, changing the bulbs on the car and many other maintenance tasks. 

Matt Prowse, of Cobb Garage, said: “It was a pleasure to have the Scouts visit, it’s really good that they’re learning how to look after a car – they may not be old enough to drive yet, but it will come in handy when they do!”

Bruce Kahn, Scout leader, added: “Cobb Garage were brilliant, the Scouts definitely left with a better idea of how to look after a car, an important skill for life.”

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