Buses damaged by overhanging trees in Uplyme

Concerns have been raised about overhanging branches on the B3165 through Uplyme (image from Google Maps)

UPLYME councillors have expressed concerns that overgrown trees and hedges in the parish are affecting the local bus services.

It was reported at last week’s parish council meeting that some double decker buses had been significantly damaged by overhanging branches on the B3165 through Yawl.

Councillor Andrew Turner reported that two front windows had been damaged and a side window completely smashed with glass shattering into the bus when an elderly passenger was sat just one seat away.

Councillor Paulene Frost also expressed concerns that overgrown hedges meant the buses had to drive over the central white line, which was dangerous for oncoming traffic.

Devon county councillor Ian Hall, who represents Uplyme, said he had spoken to highways officer David Ashford, who also had 22 years experience in driving buses, about the issue and he felt it was “nothing out of the ordinary”.

He suggested the bus company gave specific guidance on their concerns and held a site meeting with councillors to go over the issues.

Councillor Turner said he had to disagree with Mr Ashford’s opinion, and said there definitely were overgrown branches of concern when driving up the hill towards Hunters Lodge.

“The bus company is getting beyond the point of frustration. It’s a health and safety issue,” he said.

Councillor Turner also expressed frustration that highways issues were often left to the parish council to deal with.

“It’s us putting in our good will, machinery and expertise again to help out. It always comes back to us,” he added.

Councillor Hall said he would contact the bus company directly to discuss the issue.

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