Upcycling assistance required to help save the planet!

LYME Regis-based charity, The Word Forest Organisation, has adopted a wide variety of ways to raise funds to fulfil their charitable aims – to plant trees, build classrooms and facilitate education in rural Kenya.

A recent corporate partnership with Lyme Bay Auctions has helped the charity add another string to its bow; turning useful household and everyday items that are no longer wanted, into cash, then into trees.

However, a recent acquisition has left them in a bit of a fix. Following the refurbishment of one of Lyme’s eateries, a large set of perfectly good wooden chairs (pictured) were destined for landfill until Word Forest’s CEO Tracey West spotted them on the street.

She took them in and stacked up her small flat and they’ve been sitting there for a couple of months gathering dust. Unfortunately, Lyme Bay Auctions said they get lots of chairs in this condition and they’re often unable to sell them.

Tracey commented: “All they need is a bit of tender loving care, perhaps a bit of chalk paint and the seats re-upholstered. I’ve got some really nice material and a nail gun – what I haven’t got is time.

“I wondered whether a textiles student from Woodroffe, or perhaps someone who loves upcycling furniture, might be able to volunteer to bring them to life, so they can be sold on.

She added: “There has never been a more important time to plant trees in the tropics. We desperately need trees planted here in Dorset too, but our Kenyan trees can grow up to 10 times faster, so they do a far more efficient job of pulling CO2 and other pollutants out of the atmosphere. That will help us mitigate the devastating effects of climate change.

“The commodities from the trees are helping the Boré community to lift themselves out of poverty t00 – it’s a win win situation.”

There are lots of environmentally-aware residents in Lyme Regis. The town council recently declared a climate emergency and the One Planet working group, set up by Tracey’s husband Simon West – which has its first meeting on Friday, July 26 – is working hard to make Lyme even more eco-friendly.

One of its remits will be to build a network of people who have solutions that can help everyone ‘lean towards the green’. 

Anyone able to help with the upcycling project should email tracey@WordForest.org or call 07817 156 391.

Incidentally, if you have any items of household goods, furniture or jewellery in good condition that you’d be happy for Lyme Bay Auctions to sell and donate the profits to Word Forest, you can also get in touch using the contact details above.

For more details on The Word Forest Organisation, visit www.wordforest.org

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