Stopping questions about dogs on the beach ‘against free speech’

dog on beachCOULD Mr Mayor provide the residents and visitors with the evidence used to request dogs on leads on Lyme Regis sandy beach and why does Lyme Regis Council feel dog owners should no longer ask questions (LymeOnline, January 7)?

He was presented with a petition when he was asking for a complete ban on the beaches all year, and why did he present a letter to be read out at the council meeting when the consultation showed people wanted the same restrictions on all beaches in Dorset?

When questions have been asked at council meeting by dog owners, the answers have been unsatisfactory.

Unfortunately, saying publicly they don’t want their residents or visitors to ask questions I feel goes against freedom of speech and to decisions made which target a particular group, see guidance from DEFRA.

The Kennel Club wrote to Dorset Council in a press release to ask them to correct information they claimed supported the original Public Space Protection Order on dogs in public spaces and the needs of family dogs, those who have hidden disabilities and assistance dogs, which shows they are unaware they indirectly discriminate by not providing a safe and accessible beach, as shown on Dorset Council’s website when they laid a temporary disabled ramp that had to be relaid and is removed during out of season.

Linda Stevenson
Southfield Avenue, Weymouth

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