Scouts serve up treats in cooking competition

THE 1st Charmouth Scout troop entered two teams in the annual District Scout Cooking Competition.

The theme for the event was ‘World Scout Jamborees – past, present and future’.

One team – comprising Annabelle Roberts, Isabella Johnson-Hyde, Annabel Mackenny and Joby Stonex – decided to serve hand-rolled sushi as their starter, followed by a Bento box, containing freshly-made noodles, omelette and teriyaki chicken; plus an enticing Japanese sweet. The Japanese theme was chosen as the 2015 jamboree was held there.

The second team – comprising Minnie and Frank Harding, Verity Brown and Will Hide – chose to reflect that this year’s jamboree is being jointly hosted by Mexico, the USA and Canada, so they served up flatbreads with salsa and guacamole dips, two kinds of mini burgers and maple-leaf shaped pancakes, with made-on-the-spot red jam and white cream – all delicately arranged to look like the Canadian flag.

Despite having a number of practice sessions and serving up and presenting food of a very high quality, the troop could not repeat its winning performance of last year.

However, everyone enjoyed sampling their food – which is always a good sign.

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