Police warn of possible scam in Lyme Regis car park

scam alert

POLICE are warning residents about a suspicious incident in a Lyme Regis car park, in which two women tried to claim money for supposed damage to their car from another driver. 

An elderly local resident was approached by two well-spoken females in a Lyme Regis car park and one claimed that the resident had damaged her vehicle, pointing to a scratch on one side.

The resident was disbelieving as the car park was quiet when they parked their vehicle and they had parked it with ease.

The woman said that due to the small amount of damage to the car it would not make sense for the resident to go through their insurance company, and estimated that it would cost about £200 to repair the scratch and said she would get a quote and phone them.

A few hours later, the resident received a phone call from the woman, who said she had received an estimate to repair the damage and had been advised she needed a new car door, costing £2,000.

The resident was alarmed and sceptical and the incident was reported to the police.

Local drivers are warned to stay vigilant as similar car scams have been reported in other parts of the country with thieves claiming fellow motorists have damaged their vehicles purely in a bid to obtain cash from them.

Bridport Police advise motorists to report scams or attempted scams to the police and Action Fraud.

To contact Dorset Police phone 101 for non-urgent matters or use the report-it-online facility on the Dorset Police website.  Action Fraud can be contacted on 0300 123 2040 or via their website actionfraud.police.uk

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