New footpath creates safer and shorter route between Lyme Regis and Charmouth

The new fencing provides a safer route for walkers

A NEW footpath through Lyme Regis Golf Club, making the route between Lyme Regis and Charmouth safer for walkers, has now been completed. 

The erection of a fence along a new route has created a safe, relatively flat and much shorter path into Charmouth. This has now been completed and the path adopted by Dorset Council with no objections. 

The path along the side of the course and the steep wooded slope was, in fact, been laid some years ago but has until now been partially blocked by a discouraging wooden barrier at each end.  

With the new fence and the adoption by Dorset Council, walkers are now encouraged to use this new route as it is safer and shorter.

After completing the crossing of the golf course near to the clubhouse, walkers will reach the wooden barrier, which has not yet been removed.  Instead of turning left and negotiating the tricky drop down the hill to the left, and onto the road, one now can walk round the barrier and proceed along the woodland track. 

This will take you past the new safety fence and on to Old Lyme Road, straight down into Charmouth without going near the A4052 or A35.

On the right, just before you reach the old roadway, there is access to a small field with splendid views along the cliffs and landslip areas. Caution is needed to avoid the edge and a steep drop.

Allan Swannell, who deals with footpath matters for the Lyme Regis Society, said: “All credit must be given to Lyme Regis Golf Club for providing the safety fence. This path will from now on be a welcome improvement on the previous arrangement.”

A wooden barrier is still in place but walkers can go around this
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