‘No interest’ in new Chamber of Commerce

cheryl reynolds
Councillor Cheryl Reynolds approached traders about the new Chamber of Commerce but said there had been little interest

ATTEMPTS to set up a Chamber of Commerce in Lyme Regis have proved unsuccessful.

The town council has made attempts to establish a Chamber of Commerce after Lyme Regis Business Group folded last year.

But Councillor Cheryl Reynolds, chairman of the Tourism, Community & Publicity Committee, said she had approached local traders about the scheme but week there been “no interest at all”.

Speaking at Wednesday night’s meeting, Councillor Jeff Scowen asked if there was anything else the council could do to encourage the business community to take part, adding that traders were “not really fans” of the council.

Councillor Reynolds said she thought there was a divide in the town between traders who worked on the high street and those who worked for themselves at home, who may not be able to afford the membership fees for a Chamber of Commerce.

Councillor Sean Larcombe suggested that the council pay all membership fees for the first year, to encourage traders to join.

Councillor John Broom argued that the council would be “once again giving into the traders of Lyme Regis” if it paid the membership fees.

“Most things we do support the traders. Why can’t they get off their… I won’t say the word, and do something for themselves?” he asked.

Councillor Scowen disagreed and said paying the membership fees was a “great idea”.

“We’re reaching out to them, there’s nothing wrong with that,” he added.

It was agreed to bring the issues of the Chamber of Commerce back to a future meeting for further consideration.

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  1. As a member of the Axminster Chamber I can only empathise with Cheryl. The talk on the street is that Chamber of Commerce are too slow to react and too old fashioned. May be a breakfast meeting at the Golf club would be a better idea?

  2. 99.9999% of chambers are set up by the business owners, maybe they didn’t like the idea of the council running.
    I am a member of the chamber in Shaftesbury, no link to the council.

    • Tim the council will not be running it or we have doing is to try and interest traders in the idea. We invited the chamber of trade here for an evening but very few people turned up. I would be happy to help set it up but there is no intention for the council to run it. Cheryl

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