No decision on future use of river bank land

magna river land
Land along the River Lim has been cleared by Magna Housing. Photo by Richard Austin

MAGNA Housing has cleared land along the bank of the River Lim in Lyme Regis but said no decision has been made on future use of the area.

The housing association employed a contractor to clear the overgrown area behind Jordan Flats, resulting in some complaints that the work was carried out at the beginning of spring and that rubbish found in the vegetation had been left behind.

Concerned resident Janice Sansby walks along the river everyday and commented: “I am extremely upset about the state that the river bank has been left in, completely removing all vegetation at spring time and leaving a whole pile of junk behind.”

magna river land
A pile of rubbish was left behind after the work

Ms Sansby added that she had contacted the Environment Agency to enquire about the work but had yet received an explanation about “why such a beautiful riverside walk has been left in such a terrible state”.

However, it has now been confirmed that the work was carried out by a contractor on behalf of Magna Housing, not the Environment Agency.

Tony Murray, housing director for Magna Housing, said: “We can confirm that we own the land behind Jordan Flats in Lyme Regis. We agreed with the residents that it was very overgrown and needed clearing and appointed a contractor to do this work on our behalf.

“The contactor was also supposed to take all the rubbish away and we are still following this up with them to make sure they do.

“No decision has been made on any future use for the land but we are talking through the possible options with the residents.”

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