Know your local history? Put it to the test with our quiz!

DO you know your local history? Lyme Regis author and historian Peter Lacey has put together a second quiz to keep you entertained while learning about the town’s history.

Mr Lacey has put together another 11 questions based on subjects covered in his regular ‘Tales From Lyme’s Past’ blog on the LymeOnline website.

The questions cover everything from Lyme-born philanthropist Thomas Hollis to the sinking of the HMS Formidable in 1915.

All the answers can be found by reading his previous blog entries – just click here to find them. Or if you’re struggling to find the answer you can search for specific terms using the search function on our website.

When you’ve finished you can find the correct answers by scrolling to the bottom of this article. No prizes – it’s just for fun!

You can also still have a go at Peter’s first quiz by clicking here.


  1. Which American film star came to Lyme during WW2?
  2. How much was the ‘street scavenger’ paid in Elizabethan times?
  3. How many burials were recorded in 1857?
  4. Where was the Town Hall in 1515?
  5. When was the Siege of Lyme?
  6. Who ordered the defensive survey of 1539?
  7. In the years 1539-1612 what was the name of the feast that raised money to maintain the Cobb?
  8. Which harbour pilot gave evidence to the House of Commons in 1818?
  9. What was the full date the Duke of Monmouth stepped ashore in Lyme?
  10. What was the name of the judge who presided over the Bloody Assizes?
  11. What major acquisition did Thomas Hollis purchase for the town?















  1. James Cagney
  2. £9.2 shillings a year
  3. 72 burials
  4. Mill Hill
  5. 1644
  6. Henry VIII
  7. Cobb Ale
  8. James Kerridge
  9. 11/6/1685
  10. Judge Jeffries
  11. Cobb Gate warehouse
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