Waitrose boosts funds for Axe Valley Ring & Ride

AXE Valley Ring & Ride has received a donation of £470 from the Waitrose Community Matters fund.

Shoppers were asked to vote for their favourite local charity in the Bridport branch of Waitrose, and Sandra Ward, chairman of Axe Valley Ring & Ride, would like to thank all those from the Lyme Regis area who voted for the charity.

Mrs Ward collected a cheque for £470 from Waitrose partner Tara Dobel last week (pictured above).

She said: “The Ring & Ride relies on donations such as these to keep running as well as saving towards a new bus which will cost around £40,000.

“There is still room on the bus for those in the Lyme area. So, if by disability or old age, you have difficulty assessing public transport please call us on 01404 46520 and speak to Jane, our co-ordinator.  Alternatively leave a message and she will get back to you.”

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