Two planning applications for derelict house in Lyme Regis

planning blueprint

THE district council is currently considering two separate planning applications to replace a derelict house in Lyme Regis.

The applications seek permission for two different re-development schemes of the site known as Beau Sejour on View Road, which has stood empty for 30 years.

Both applications would see the existing house demolished, with one proposing to replace it with a block of six flats and the other with four detached dwellings. Both also outline plans for parking and amenity space on the site.

Previous plans for the site have included the construction of six flats and two bungalows, which was turned down, and another application for six flats, for which planning permission was given in 2013 but has now lapsed.

The original house was constructed in the 1920s but has recently fallen into disrepair. In the current applications, the building is described as “run down” and “not considered to make a positive contribution to the visual amenities of the street scene”.

It adds that there is significant local support to see the site redeveloped. However, the application for six flats has received six objections from neighbours, with many saying the proposal was out of keeping with View Road and too big for the site.

The application for four dwellings has won more favour from neighbouring residents, with several submitting letters of support for the proposal.

The public consultation period on both applications has now closed, but full details can be found online at for the four-house proposal and for the six-flat application.

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