Skydive raises more than £10,800 for Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support

The 10 skydivers pictured at Dunkeswell Airfield

ON a sunny Saturday, 10 people completed a 15,000ft skydive at Dunkeswell Airfield, near Honiton, to raise money for local charity Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support.

Those who jumped out of the plane included headteacher of The Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis, a septuagenarian, students, mums and those jumping in memory of loved ones.

Axminster GP Dr Nick Hodges jumped alongside his wife and anaesthetist Alice Hodges, his brother Sandy Hodges and his parter Jess, who are both dentists.

After a 20 minute and three-mile ascent into the sky, the plane doors opened and, one-by-one, each of the 10 jumpers faced a minute’s freefall before their parachutes opened and they floated back to solid ground.

One skydiver said: “The journey up felt like an age. Suddenly the door was opened and the temperature dropped.”

Another added: “I edged towards the door when it was my turn. My feet dangled over the edge and I could see the ground 15,000 feet below.

“Then I was out of the plane, with my instructor, freefalling at 125mph towards the ground. The sensations are intense, it’s truly incredible and all the nerves went, it was pure exhilaration”.

“In no time at all the parachute opened and we glided safely down towards a beautiful patchwork of fields.”

The event was organised by Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support with the help of Skydive Buzz at Dunkerswell Airfield.

The full 10 skydivers were Dan Watts, Helen Patrickson, Katie Messer, Brodie Porlock, Susie Kerr, Millie Hewitt, Nick and Alice Hodges, Sandy and Jess Hodges.

Mary Kahn, founder of the charity, said: “This is an amazing result from everyone who has supported the jumpers and donated to help us. We are providing support for anyone living with and beyond cancer.

“There are a variety of services available from creative activities, holistic therapies, relevant diet and lifestyle information, different exercise classes all for anyone affected by any cancer.

“We offer mutual support, helping people cope with the fear, anxiety, isolation or stress that cancer can bring by providing a chance to unwind over a cup of tea”.

To donate to Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support or to support those who completed the skydive, visit

For more details on the charity, visit

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