Sail the high seas on the ‘ship with wings’

THE T/S Pelican of London is part clipper, part pirate ship. A fast sailing ship, the essence of blue water sailing. A Tall Ship, yes. But as handy as they come.

This is a ship with wings, a unique corsair rig and able to challenge vessels twice her size. Pace and space are what she offers. For comfort and style, she has few equals.

Later next month The Pelican will be offering people the opportunity to sail from Lyme Regis to Barfleur, a voyage that’s being planned in association with the town’s Twinning Association.

The Pelican will sail on Thursday, April 25 for the French port and arrive back on the morning of April 30. It’s a great opportunity for a ‘blockade run’ to stock up with wine and other goodies.

The cost for the five-night voyage is £500 per person and there are places for additional members of trainee crew. Please contact Marcus Dixon at, if you’d like further information or take the shilling and ship aboard.

The Pelican is a steel, ocean going, sail training ship that is 45m in length with 43 berths and a professional crew of nine and registered and equipped for off-shore, worldwide, expeditionary voyages. The ship has been specifically designed to offer people an exciting, exhilarating seafaring experience.

The ship was built in Le Harve as a deep-water trawler by Augustine Normand and completed in 1948 and christened Le Pelican. Her riveted hull was superbly engineered and strengthened to carry a double-beam rig.

The hull design was based on the French clippers of the 1870s and after years in the Arctic and later as a coaster the ship was sold.

In 1995 she was towed to Portland to be converted into an amazing sail training ship and rebuilt to the highest standards.

The Pelican of London’s unique rig was designed to provide excitement, challenge and understanding while training under sail, to keep alive the traditions of square sail for all to experience and to be capable of world-wide operation in comfort and safety.

The XEBEC (CHEBEC) rig is modelled on that of the Barbary Coast pirates, the most successful corsairs of the Mediterranean for two centuries and, arguably, the fastest displacement sailing vessels of all time.

Sailing aboard The Pelican of London is an amazing ‘big gulp of now’ experience and a wonderful way to visit a wonderful French port for a day. The ship can accommodate up to 28 trainee crew and we have a number of places on the voyage to Barfleur.

For further information please go to The Pelican of London will also be taking 28 young people from the Town and surrounding areas on a sail training voyage from Lyme Regis over Easter.

Unique opportunity for Lyme’s young people

Local  young people attended an Adventure Under Sail meeting at The Hub to learn about the Lyme Regis Tall Ship Challenge, an exciting unique opportunity this Easter to experience sailing The Tall Ship Pelican of London for a six-day offshore voyage.

The Challenge has been organised by Adventure Under Sail, a charity that provides opportunities for young people to build their confidence, work as part of a team and use their perseverance, initiative and leadership to sail The T/S Pelican.

It is planned that the ship will anchor off Lyme Regis on April 17 and be joined by her trainee crew. After safety briefings and familiarisation with the ship and the rig, the sails will be set and the training voyage will begin.

The Pelican’s destination will be set by the wind and the trainee crew will help chart her course, she will return to The Cobb on the morning of April 22.

The Lyme Regis Tall Ship Challenge is open to 28 local young people (14 girls and 14 boys) from the town and surrounding areas between the ages of 15 and 18.

The cost for this amazing six day adventure is just £180, which young people are encouraged to raise themselves.

There are still a few places left for Tall Ship voyage, particularly for girls. Please contact if you’d like to reserve your place or want to know more.

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