Recent land slippage poses ‘no additional risk’ to Monmouth Beach chalets

monmouth beach landslip
There has been some recent movement on Ware Cliff behind the Monmouth Beach chalet park (photo by Richard Austin)

RECENT land slippage in the Monmouth Beach area of Lyme Regis poses no additional risk to chalets and caravans in the area.

Lyme Regis Town Council confirmed this week it had been made aware of some movement on Ware Cliff, visible from Monmouth Beach. However, they said this was expected and there was no additional risk to the chalet site, which has suffered significant damage in previous landslides.

Deputy town clerk Mark Green said: “We are aware of slipping above the upper track at Ware Cliff, an area where continued movement was expected, and our geotechnical engineer has visited the site.

“Photographs were taken in September last year and comparing the situation between now and then, there doesn’t appear to be much difference.

“The geotechnical engineer has monitored the slopes below this area since September and the build-up of spoil as a result of the slipping, which was expected, doesn’t seem to be affecting the slopes below as yet.

“Although there is no additional risk posed to the chalets and caravans, we have informed the residents’ association of recent developments.”

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