Plans to create kitchen garden in Langmoor

ONE of the flower beds in Langmoor Gardens, Lyme Regis, will be handed over to the community to grow their own fruit and vegetables. 

Councillors approved a proposal for a kitchen garden to be established in Langmoor Gardens, which they hope will be managed by a community group such as the Lyme Garden Growers.

Operations manager Matt Adamson-Drage put forward the proposal in support of the council’s enviornmental objectives and as part of a continued refurbishment of the seafront gardens.

His report said: “Langmoor and Lister Gardens cover over 25 different flower beds and maintaining this properly with a small team in a challenge.

“One of the ways to reduce the gardening burden may be allowing a bed to be cultivated by a community group, such as the Lyme Garden Growers.

“The proposal includes specially selected planting, such as raspberry canes, strawberries and scented herbs, along with other plants.

“It is intended to be a well-managed area where plants and crops are specially selected to enhance the visual spectacle of the gardens while meeting environmental requirements to encourage insects and provide food for Lyme Regis residents.

“All planting decisions would be at the discretion of the operations supervisor in discussion with the council gardeners and the community group cultivating the bed.”

Councillors agreed to the proposal.

Lyme Garden Growers was founded by former town councillor and local businesswoman Rikey Austin and the scheme has taken off this year, with more and more residents keen to grow their own, especially during lockdown.

Group members grow and exchange seeds and plants as needed, and community beds have been set up in various locations around the town, where residents can pick herbs and berries.

Rikey hopes to develop the idea further and, along with husband Paddy, made a life-changing decision to sell their home in Silver Street and buy a piece of land where they could run a community garden, teaching people how to grow their own and providing locally-grown produce free of charge for all.

Rikey and Paddy put their house on the market in January and have had offers, but they are still looking for a suitable piece of land to buy – preferably in Lyme Regis, two to three acres in size with space for living accommodation on site or very close by.

They recently released a video appeal for a piece of land, which you can watch on the Lyme Garden Growers Facebook page.

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