Nature-inspired furniture pop-up to coincide with the Big Green Week

DD&B Interiors, a collaboration between traditional upholsterer Carol Brown and designer Karen Durham-Diggins, are launching their new nature-inspired collection of chairs, ottomans and other furniture pieces and crafted accessories.

For the first time their pop-up shop will be in the car park at Felicity’s Farm shop in Morcombelake, near Lyme Regis, as part of The Great Big Green Week.

Karen said: “We take some very sad furniture and restore it into a fresh, repurposed, useful and beautiful piece of furniture, all with DD&B Interiors distinctive style. It’s a great pleasure using our imaginations and time to save a piece which would often end up in landfill.”

DD&B Interiors are committed to repurposing furniture and trying to be as environmentally aware as possible.

Karen continued: “Since starting the business, we often get approached by local people who have a beautiful, shaped chair, with a good frame, that needs a lot of work. Usually, they no longer have room for or need it.

“They would rather give it to us then dump it and see it move on to have a renewed life in another home. We always give a donation to a charity of their choice.

“Our choice of fabrics is also important, some are not only repurposed threads re woven into new fabrics, or vintage fabrics but some have already won awards.”

Carol added: “We prefer to use fabrics that will do their job, and wear, well and are as sustainable as possible within Fire Safety laws. We can reuse some padding that uses natural fibres too.”

Their unique repurposed upholstered furniture is reimagined in designer fabrics, using themes for each curated collection. This collection is ‘Inspired by Nature’ with all its colours, textures, and vibrance – leaves, flowers, the sea, rivers, trees and even fungus.

Karen commented: “There is more wood on show in some of our pieces in this collection which seems fitting to support The Great Big Green Week.”

The collection is complimented by individual furniture and accessories to adorn people’s homes.

The pop-up shop will be held at Felicity’s Farm Shop off the A35 on Saturday, September 18 from 9.30am to 5.30pm, with The Great Big Green Week continuing until September 26.

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