‘Museum at Home’ project to inspire creativity

CREATIVE activities are a great way to support and maintain mental health, so Lyme Regis Museum has set up a new project to connect with and support people through this difficult time.  

Artist Christine Allison and poet Sarah Acton will be running the ‘Museum at Home’ project, to get people drawing and writing and be inspired by quirky and unusual objects in the museum, as well as seeing their own home and objects in a new light.

From huge ichthyosaurs to delicate embroidery, Lyme Regis Museum is full of curious things. People often ask how did it get here, who made it, why is it special?

These objects are a great jumping-off point for creativity, but this project will also get participants to explore their own homes and see their own surroundings and objects with fresh eyes.

Christine believes “anyone can draw” and Sarah says “we all have stories to tell”, so all are invited to discover the secrets of the museum, have fun, see your own home in a new light, learn new skills, meet with and share your work with other people.

The project starts on January 11 with a special introductory session with Christine and Sarah.

Visit the website www.lymeregismuseum.co.uk on a weekly basis to take part or museumathome@lymeregismuseum.co.uk to register or find out more.

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