Lyme’s residential roads to be surface dressed over June and July

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MAJOR road surface dressing works will take place on the residential estates of Lyme Regis over June and July.

Most residential roads in the town are set to be dressed with tar and chippings as part of Dorset County Council’s essential road maintenance strategy.

Works will be carried out between 9am and 4pm on set dates during June and July, with residents being asked to move their cars off the road before 9am.

Work on each road should take no longer than a day. A list of roads to be surface-dressed each week will be published every Friday by the county council, and the work will also be advertised on yellow signs.

If a vehicle is left parked on the road while work is being carried out, it will be towed away to avoid it being sprayed black and chipped.

Surface dressing is described as a “preventative treatment” to prolong the life of the road and prevent skidding. Bitumen binder (glue) is sprayed onto the road, stone chippings are spread onto this and then compacted down with a roller. A sweeper then travels along the road the following day to clear any immediate loose chippings.

Surface dressing can only be carried out when the road is dry and dates will be changed in wet weather.

A newly dressed road may feel ‘bumpy’ as the grip will have been restored. The surface will also be noisier initially while the chippings ‘bed down’.

District and county councillor Daryl Turner said Lyme Regis was “lucky to have such an extensive scheme” being carried out.

Roads to be surface-dressed in June are as follows: Anning Road, Colway Lane, Coombe Street, Haye Lane, Hill Road, Marine Parade, North Avenue, Queen’s Walk, Talbot Road, Timber Hill, Ware Lane, Woodmead Road, Roman Road, Somers Fields, Somers Road, Dragon’s Hill, Pine Ridge, Fairfield Park, Charmouth Close, Colway Close, Applebee Way, Henry’s Way, Elizabeth Close, King’s Way, Staples Terrace, Summerhill Road, South Avenue, Manor Avenue, North Avenue, Bay View Road, Poole’s Court, Lym Close, Monmouth Street, George’s Square, Mill Lane.

Roads to be surface-dressed in June/July are as follows: Mill Green, Hill Road, View Road, Avenue Road, Springhill Gardens, St George’s Hill.

Roads to be surface-dressed in July are as follows: Haye Close, Westhill Road, Hill Rise Road, Clappential Lane, Clappentail Park, Portland Court, Blue Water’s Drive, Upper Westhill Road, Highcliff Road.

To find out more information on the surface dressing programme visit

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