‘Horrifying’ altercation watched by dozens in Broad Street

AN altercation, described by an eyewitness as “truly horrifying”, broke out in Broad Street, Lyme Regis, yesterday afternoon. 

Police were called to the scene at 4.55pm yesterday (Wednesday) after a group of men caused significant disruption at the top of Broad Street.

Limited details of the incident have been released by police but an eyewitness, who did not wish to be named, said a man was knocked over having been stood on the bonnet of a car, while another car was spinning at the top of the high street and then “deliberately crashed into a car outside Tesco”.

They added: “I can not emphasise how bad it was; it was truly horrifying and like nothing I have ever witnessed in my entire life. Dozens of people saw, children, everyone.”

Another added that shouting and screaming could be heard in Broad Street.

The police are said to have arrived on scene over 30 minutes later when the men had already left.

The first eyewitness commented: “It was witnessed by dozens yet to my knowledge not a single statement has been taken from any member of the public. One half of the men simply went down the beach.

“We are seeing a dramatic change to our ‘sleepy’ town. Drug runners are now operating with impunity and now this. The police appear scared and we are vulnerable. This isn’t a nice place to live anymore.”

The police issued the following statement: “At 4.55pm on Wednesday, August 12 Dorset Police received a report of an altercation in Broad Street in Lyme Regis. When officers attended the people involved had already left.

“An investigation into the incident is ongoing. No arrests have been made.”

The disruption followed another distressing incident in the town earlier this week, when three people were arrested for drug offences and child neglect, after two children were found locked in a car at Monmouth Beach with an unconscious female passenger.

The police have also stepped up patrols on the seafront and in the public gardens, and Lyme Regis Town Council has employed security guards to patrol the seafront every night during the summer following an increase in anti-social behaviour.

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