Hopes to improve pedestrian safety in Haye Lane and Roman Road area

LYME Regis Town Council has agreed to put forward a request for signage to improve pedestrian safety in the Haye Lane and Roman Road area to the highways authority.

A member of the public suggested that a sign (as pictured) warning drivers of pedestrians in the road should be placed at the junction of Haye Lane and Roman Road.

Existing signs are already in place at both ends of Haye Lane and at Horn Bridge, and this request was for a further sign at or immediately approaching the junction.

The resident had initially had put the request to Dorset Council, as the highways authority, but officers requested that town councillors be consulted for their view first.

Councillors agreed they would put the request forward to Dorset Council with their support.

This is the second time in recent months that pedestrian safety has been raised with regards to the Haye Lane area.

A resident previously requested that more street lighting be installed on the narrow lane, as it was dangerous for pedestrians at night.

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