Guildhall struck twice this week while repairs are being carried out

guildhall window
The overhanging window of the Guildhall has been smashed several times by passing large vehicles

THE Guildhall in Lyme Regis has been struck by passing vehicles twice this week, while repairs have been carried out to fix previous damage.

Bridge Street has been closed between 4pm and 8pm each evening this week to allow for repairs to be made to the overhanging window of the Grade II* listed Guildhall, which is continuously struck by large lorries.

Work was supposed to be completed yesterday (Thursday) but the road closure has now been extended to also include this evening as the window has been hit two more times while repairs have been carried out.

Lyme Regis Town Council has previously looked into having the window adapted so it does not hang over the narrow road. However, conservation officers at West Dorst District Council have said this would not be permitted because it would damage the appearance of a listed building.

Councillors have also expressed concerns that the Guildhall will become “uninsurable” if it continues to be hit by passing traffic.

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