First COVID case confirmed at Woodroffe amid ‘lab error’ mix up

TWO students from the Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis tested positive for COVID-19 – but one then had their result reversed following a ‘lab error’.

Parents were sent letters today informing them that one pupil from Year 8 and one from Year 11 had tested positive for the virus.

However, it has since been revealed that the Year 11 pupil actually tested negative and the result was mixed up due to a “lab error”.

This means new precautions put in place today for Year 11 students were not necessary, and all Year 11 students are welcome and should return to school on Monday – despite some initially being told to self-isolate for 14 days.

The Year 8 pupil’s positive COVID result still stands, and those who have been in close contact with them have been asked to stay home and self isolate for two weeks.

The school will remain open and unaffected children – including all Year 11s – should continue to attend as normal unless they show symptoms.

In the initial letter to parents, headteacher Dan Watts reassured parents that the school was monitoring the situation and working with Public Health England.

He added that, for most people, COVID-19 will only be a “mild illness”.

He later confirmed the Year 11 pupil’s test results were incorrect and a second letter was sent to parents apologising for any upset or anxiety caused.

This is the school’s first positive case of COVID-19 and Mr Watts said that precautions being taken followed the advice of the Department for Education.

He commented: “Attendance today was 96.59% which is phenomenal and well above the national picture. We are so pleased to have gone for so long in the position of not having to send anyone home.

“We are disappointed a case has now arisen but the children have benefited from being in school during this time. The precautions we have in place at the school are keeping students safe and they have been brilliant at following the rules to help us keep the wider community safe and function as normal as possible.”

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  1. If according to the headmaster it’s only a mild illness, then this is a headline story about a pupil that caught a cold. It is difficult to understand what the fuss is about, this country has suffered far worse outbreaks in the past and we never closed down businesses and locked healthy people up in their houses before. Why didn’t we don face masks and suffer house arrest for SARS or MERS or Bird Flu or Swine Flu?

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