Eagle called in to scare off gulls

Xtreme Falconry brought their bald eagle to Lyme Regis seafront over Easter (photo by Paul Starck)

BIRDS of prey were called into Lyme Regis during the Easter holidays, as a trial run to see what effect the larger birds would have on seagulls in the area.

Lyme Regis Town Council has set up an action plan to tackle problems caused by seagulls, including signage, leaflets and stickers to discourage people from feeding the birds.

But last week they turned to more drastic measures, with a falcon and bald eagle from Xtreme Falconry in Marshwood visiting the seafront for the day to scare off the gulls.

Birds of prey are used to keep control of gull populations in many seaside resorts, as well as patrolling the skies around famous buildings, landfill sites and airports because they are recognised by seagulls as a threat.

The visiting birds created quite an attraction on the seafront last week. The trial made national headlines and was discussed on radio.

It has also split local opinion, with some saying they enjoyed the brief relief from seagulls and were able to eat on the seafront without the threat of the birds attacking them, while others have argued that the gulls should not be pushed out of their natural habitat.

Councillors will now discuss whether they want to pursue this type of seagull control any further.

Photo by Rob Wheeler
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