Dorset Coastal Connections launches celebration video

A NEW video has been launched to showcase a portfolio of 18 projects across the county, co-ordinated by Dorset Coastal Connections.

The projects are aimed at connecting communities with the spectacular Dorset coast, spanning from Lyme Regis to Christchurch, by improving physical, digital and emotional connection.

The projects aimed to improve the public places we use and cherish by making them more attractive, functional and providing a sense of place using artistic interpretation to enhance these special coastal places.

Locally, this included revitalising the River Lim pathway between Lyme Regis and Uplyme and new signposting along the West Dorset coast path, based on the history and landscape of each area.

The portfolio of projects also included an unusual art sculpture erected on Lyme Regis beach in 2019 to encourage visitors to take their litter home.

The Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government awarded £5.6million of Coastal Community Funding in May 2017 to the projects, following a successful partnership portfolio bid which was coordinated by Dorset Coast Forum (DCF).

Together, with match funding from many partner organisations, this collaboration of projects has overall invested £18.5million to connect our urban and rural coastal areas and has worked with communities to promote the Dorset coast.

The project was driven by four key themes:

  • Sustaining and developing the tourism economy
  • Having thriving and dynamic coastal and maritime businesses to encourage economic growth
  • Connecting the urban, rural and coastal communities across the Dorset coast
  • Conserving, enhancing and promoting Dorset’s special natural and cultural assets

With most of the Dorset Coastal Connections projects completed by December 2019, the final few are due to be completed by Summer 2021.

Rhiannon Jones, Dorset Coast Forum co-ordinator said: “The DCF team are very proud to be part of such an amazing collection of collaborative projects which were made possible by the Coastal Community Fund, match funding and the great work of everyone involved, including the project partners, funders, artists and construction teams.

“We feel the film celebrates all the time and effort everyone has put in to delivering Dorset Coastal Connections.”

You can find out more abut Dorset Coastal Connections at

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