Councillors accused of undermining decision

Councillor Derek Hallett

A LYME Regis councillor has accused his colleagues of undermining the town council, after they spoke in favour of the controversial pedestrian crossing at a county council meeting.

In December, the town council formally retracted its support for the puffin crossing in Broad Street but some members who disagreed – Councillors Steve Miller, Richard Doney and Cheryl Reynolds – attended a Dorset County Council Cabinet meeting to speak in favour of the proposal, which was subsequently approved.

Speaking at this week’s meeting of the town’s Strategy & Finance Committee, Councillor Derek Hallett questioned whether Councillor Miller should be chairing the meeting, saying he had undermined the council and adding: “I’m not sure we can trust you.”

Councillor Miller replied: “I exercised my democratic right to go to Dorset County Council and did not undermine this council in any way, shape or form.”

Councillor Hallett raised the issue again later in the meeting when discussing the future of the Tourist Information Centre.

He said: “It doesn’t matter what this council decides, you’ll still have one or two go behind our backs and put a different position forward.”

Councillor Miller replied: “That’s an uncalled for remark.”

Councillor Hallett: “No it’s not, it’s quite called for.”

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