Council to look into residents-only parking scheme

TOWN councillors hope further consideration can be given to the residents parking permit system used in Lyme Regis when the new unitary authority comes into force later this year.

Councillors agreed to look into the system as a whole with the unitary authority, which will take over from the existing district and county council in May, after receiving request from South Avenue residents for the parking permits.

The town council initially turned down the request for residents-only parking restrictions to be enforced in South Avenue – similar to the scheme already in place in Anning Road and King’s Way – in November.

Members expressed concerns over the new online-only system used to manage the residents parking permits, which they said allowed people who did not live on the roads concerns to still pay for permits to park there.

They also felt that Dorset County Council’s enforcement officers did not visit the town regularly enough to make the scheme worthwhile.

Speaking at a meeting just before the Christmas break, Councillor Cheryl Reynolds asked members to reconsider, saying that all South Avenue residents had signed a petition for the parking restrictions despite being aware of the issues surrounding the residents permits.

“If you are willing to give spaces to Anning Road or King’s Way residents, why can’t South Avenue be added?” she asked.

Councillor Stan Williams parking scheme in Anning Road was a “disaster” and residents and holidaymakers from all over the town parked there.

Councillor Owen Lovell said that parking in Lyme Regis would always be a problem unless the new unitary authority handed over complete control of enforcement.

It was agreed to put the request from South Avenue residents on hold while discussion were held with the new unitary authority about the residents-only parking scheme.

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