Council running trial on hybrid car-share scheme

LYME Regis Town Council has agreed the use of a car parking space at Woodmead Halls to run a trail for a hybrid car-share club.

The only option to get this scheme off the ground, with a minimal cost to the town council, is to find 30 people to pay a £25 deposit to be in the car-share club.

If you or someone you know may be interested, would like more information or would like to help get the scheme up and running, contact Councillor Belinda Bawden on 01297 443739 or

Accommodation providers may also want to recommend a car club to their guests which could reduce parking permit costs. Similar schemes are proving very popular in other towns.

Councillor Bawden commented: “Next step, let’s work towards a car-share club with electric cars and e-bikes rentals!”

Help needed on energy saving projects

Councillor Bawden is also looking for anyone interested in helping out on energy saving projects in Lyme Regis. These could include:

  • Support residents with applications to the New Green Homes Grant
  • Form a group large enough to talk to a contractor for a community discount on retrofitting and energy insulation measures
  • Consider a community energy generation scheme
  • Work on a solar potential project

If interested or if you have other energy saving ideas, contact Belinda Bawden on 01297 443739 or email 

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Woodmead Halls

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