Cheryl announces she will stand for both councils

cheryl reynolds
Councillor Cheryl Reynolds

COUNCILLOR Cheryl Reynolds has announced her intention to stand in both the town and unitary council elections in May, having distributed her election addresses around Lyme Regis this week.

Councillor Reynolds currently sits on the town council and West Dorset District Council. The latter will be scrapped in April to make way for the new unitary Dorset Council.

Councillor Reynolds plans to stand for both and has delivered two election addresses around the town this week.

In her pitch for re-election to the town council, she said that the past five years on the authority have been a struggle at times but “there is still much work to be done”.

She added that she was proud to have helped in achieving much for Lyme’s benefit over the past five years, including getting the town bus service reinstated, the construction of the skatepark and new play park at Anning Road, leading the fight for a pedestrian crossing in Broad Street and setting up the Army Cadet Force to replace the Woodroffe School’s Combine Cadet Force.

She is the first candidate for the town council to deliver election address around the town.

If 15 or more candidates put their names forward, an election will be held on May 2, when residents will also be voting for their new unitary councillor to represent Lyme Regis and Charmouth.

In her election address for the unitary authority, Councillor Reynolds confirmed that she will be standing as an independent and “will not be swayed by party politics”.

“I work solely for the benefit of the residents of Lyme and Charmouth, and for nobody else,” she added.

Councillor Reynolds will go head to head with her brother, Conservative Daryl Turner, to win a seat on the new Dorset Council.

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