Cash point planning application a ‘pig’s ear’

THE town council’s efforts to install a cash point in the Bell Cliff area has been described as a “pig’s ear” after their planning application was turned down.

The council agreed last year to install a free cash point at Bell Cliff after the town was left with just one ATM outside Tesco Express, following the closure of all three local bank branches, resulting in issues during the busy summer season as it regularly ran out of money.

A second ATM has since been installed outside Arthur Fordham & Co in Broad Street.

The town council’s application to install a cash point at the top of Bell Cliff has been rejected by Dorset Council because of the listed buildings in the area.

The town council is now hoping they can have one installed at the bottom of the Bell Cliff steps instead, but Councillor John Broom said he thought they would have the same problem with the second application, because the Bell Cliff wall itself was listed.

The council has already paid out for an internet line to be installed by BT, which took so long they were at one point told that cash machine provider Cashzone was no longer able to complete the project. However, it has now agreed to fulfil its contract.

Commenting on the planning application, Councillor Jeff Scowen asked: “Why didn’t someone advise us that this was going to be a hiccup? Why have we spent thousands of pounds on having BT install a connection when really we were never going to get it anyway?”

The council’s operations manager Matt Adamson-Drage said he was trying to get provider Cashzone to submit the second application but they were difficult to get hold of.

Councillor Scowen replied: “It’s a bit of a pig’s ear and expensive.”

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