‘Blue Planet II’ coming to Lyme Regis

The talk will explore the underwater sounds of popular TV series 'Blue Planet II'. Photo courtesy of BBC 'Blue Planet II'
steve simpson blue planet
Professor Steve Simpson has worked on several series with Sir David Attenborough

INTREPID Explorers, an organisation which shares stories of field research, is bringing Sir David Attenborough’s popular ‘Blue Planet II’ to Lyme Regis with special talk at the Marine Theatre.

Professor Steve Simpson will share his experience, video clips, and audio recordings. He worked as series academic advisor for the acclaimed series and other documentaries with Sir David, such as his ‘Great Barrier Reef’ programme in 2015.

Much of Professor Simpson’s work focuses on underwater acoustics, including the use of sound by fish and invertebrates, and impacts of human noise on marine life.  

The ocean is a remarkably noisy place, with whales, dolphins, fish, and invertebrates all producing sound to communicate. These sounds range from the haunting song of the humpback whale song to the explosive clicks of snapping shrimp, and are important for social interactions and predator avoidance.

In this talk, Steve will explain how he has pioneered new ways of listening to the ocean and of interacting with fish to understand soundscapes and to unlock the language of fish. His work on underwater noise pollution recently screened in his series ‘Blue Planet II’.

John Puckey, one of the organisers, explained: “Intrepid Explorers’ events show that field research and science are inspiring for the widest possible audience. The events have an informal atmosphere to encourage discussion and maximise participation for all of the community.”

This event is held in partnership with the University of Exeter’s Global Systems Institute.

Dr Kate Baker, research fellow at the University of Exeter, said: “The University’s new Global Systems Institute will advance our understanding of global changes. This will be achieved through transformative research and education.

“An important part of the process is sharing the stories of life in a global context with members of the wider community. This is why GSI is teaming up with Intrepid Explorers.

“This is an exciting event that inspires people to support, engage, and advance research on global change through sharing and learning.”

The talk ‘Underwater Sound in Blue Planet II’ will be held on Thursday, May 3rd at the Marine Theatre. Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start and tickets cost £5 in advance or £7 on the night. Book at www.marinetheatre.com

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