Beach comber strikes gold!

BEACH comber Paul George, 75, struck gold when he found a solid gold false teeth plate whilst rummaging through the shingle between Charmouth and Lyme Regis.

Paul sets off to the beach three times a week purely as a hobby in his retirement years. He has unearthed many old coins and medals but none such as the jackpot of someone’s gold false teeth plate.

Said Paul: “I have no idea as to how old it is, I didn’t realise solid gold false teeth plates existed! I was told its value is £250 so not a bad find.”

Paul beach combs with his bare hands, shying away from the use of a metal detector, and gives a lot of what he finds to children, including any fossils that he finds.

Woodmead Halls

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  1. Man on last Sundays BBC Antiques roadshow with lower set he also found on a beach! He’s looking for the uppers, it would appear this man has found them! Worth more as a set so he should get in touch with the BBC!

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