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Councillor Brian Larcombe

WITH all meetings of Lyme Regis Town Council being suspended due to coronavirus, how will you, the council taxpayers, be able to hold councillors to account over the decisions they make during the crisis.

Lyme Online has the solution. The Mayor, Councillor Brian Larcombe MBE, has agreed to answer questions that we will put to him on your behalf and we will then publish his responses in all issues of LymeOnline during the crisis, as well as posting them on our website.

All you need to do is to send email your questions to

Here are the first batch of questions sent in after promoting this initiative on our website:

  • How will the council operate with all office staff working from home?
  • How can the council justify increasing the precept (the amount the council gets from the council tax) by 10.3% per cent when they are giving away £80,000 a year in grants?
  • How does the council justify giving a £40,000 grant to St Michael’s Parish Church tower fund when an application for financial assistance for the Roman Catholic Church was rejected?
  • Exactly how much is the resurfacing of the flat roof above SWIM, the Antiques & Craft Centre and Amusement Arcade on Marine Parade costing, and will the coronavirus see this run into the summer months and impact on our summer events?
  • Where does the town council stand on the pending closure of the Tourist Information Centre? Are there any plans for the council to operate a reduced service from the Jubilee Pavilion?
  • Will the loss of parking revenue caused by the coronavirus lockdown have any effect on the council’s ability to proceed with their big projects, i.e. the resurfacing of the flat roof on Marine Parade and the office refurbishment?
  • Assuming that the coronavirus crisis will be over by June/July, local traders will be anxious to maximise the summer months so is there any chance the council can bring back the Sidmouth Road park and ride scheme?
  • The council has declared that they consider climate change to be an emergency. Is the council just paying lip service to this and what can they do to become carbon neutral by 2030, as is the intention, and what initiatives have already been put into practice?

Answers to the above questions will be published by LymeOnline when a response is a received. 

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    • They are not drilling in Lyme Bay. The tug Sparfell and barge Karavag, which is carrying a jack up rig called Magisus, are sheltering from the wind here for 2-3 days before heading into Flushing.

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