Lyme author revisits the world of Sherlock Holmes for latest novel

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Lyme Regis author David Ruffle’s latest Holmes and Watson-themed book ‘Watson: My Life’

POPULAR Lyme Regis author David Ruffle revisits the world of Sherlock Holmes for his seventeenth book.

‘Watson: My Life’ is set to be published on March 15. The book purports to be an autobiography of Doctor John H. Watson, the premise being that Watson is approached in 1936 to tell his life story.

Watson is left a dictation machine with a set of wax cylinders on which to record these episodes in his life at his leisure, but the prospective publisher dies and the wax cylinders are lost until they unexpectedly come to life in 2017.

David explains: “There is less leeway than you might think in creating a fictional autobiography of a fictional character. This applies particularly to the Holmesian universe where one false step can irritate Holmes fans the world over.

“Therefore, the life of Watson has to conform for the most part to the character and life of Watson as created by Arthur Conan Doyle, but even allowing for that, it is possible to add a twist or two.”

This is David’s ninth Holmes novella, with several being translated into three languages and also available as audio books.

‘Watson: My Life’ is published by MX Publishing on March 15 and will be available on all book-selling websites and locally at Serendip in Broad Street.

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