Locally-grown flower acknowledged as new variety

A FLOWER grown in Rousdon has received a Royal Horticultural Society accolade.

The newly-acknowledged variety of Nerine, established in the garden of Mr and Mrs Rod Boyce of Fields Afar, Rousdon, for nearly 40 years, has received the Award of Garden Merit and named ‘Nerine Undulata Seaton’.

The flower came from a bulb from the garden of Rod’s mother, the late Lily Boyce, a long-time resident of Seaton. At the same time, Lily’s eldest son Clive Boyce and sister, Wendy Pountney, received bulbs of the autumn flowing plant, a native of South Africa. 

It is thought that the plant has been grown in Seaton since at least 1945 but how it arrived there is a mystery.

Clive Boyce, a keen plantsman and former president of the Alpine Garden Society of Great Britain, had it submitted to the Royal Horticultural Society for assessment.  After extensive trials it has just been confirmed as a new variety of special merit. 

Clive was invited to suggest a name and his suggestion of ‘Nerine Undulata Seaton’ has been accepted. It flowers regularly in autumn and will soon be at its best.

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