Local man arrested after Pound Street burglary

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A 38-year-old local man was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of burglary, after jewellery was stolen from a property in Pound Street, Lyme Regis, last month.

At about 3pm on Saturday, March 20 the victim – a woman aged in her 70s – was in her garden when she noticed a black Audi car near to her home off Pound Street.

As she returned to her kitchen the victim heard a tap on her front door. She answered the door and a man said his Jack Russell dog had squeezed through the fence and into the victim’s garden.

The victim locked the front door and went to check her garden. She returned and noticed the man walking near to the house and told him that she could not find his dog. The man left in the Audi car.

A short time later the victim discovered that a vanity mirror and jewellery box had been stolen from her bedroom. Some items of jewellery were later found on the ground near a gate on her property.

Detective Sergeant Matt Bradley, of Weymouth CID, said: “It is believed that the suspect gained access to the address via an insecure back door and I would encourage residents to ensure all doors are locked when they leave their address, even if it is just for a moment.”

On Tuesday, March 30 there was a notable police presence for several hours in the Woodmead Road area and police confirmed they had arrested a 38-year-old local man on suspicion of burglary relating to the Pound Street incident.

He has been released under investigation as detectives continue to make enquiries.

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  1. This year is going to be incredibly busy as apposed to other years. I’ve always felt safe here, often going for walks at 3am down the front leaving my front door unlocked, this year will be very different and I will suspect with extra people will come extra trouble and drama.

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