Increased car parking charges in Lyme Regis to come into force shortly


DORSET Council will be begin rolling out new charges in car parks across the county as of today (Monday), which will see charges in some Lyme Regis car parks increase to £10 a day.

Car parks in Lyme Regis which will be affected by the changes include Broad Street (Van Allens), Cobb Gate, Charmouth Road and Holmbush. This is set to come into force on April 6.

Monmouth Beach, Cabanya and Woodmead Halls car parks remain unaffected as these are owned by the town council, not Dorset Council.

In Charmouth, new charges will come into force at Lower Sea Lane car park from March 31.

The parking transformation project started in 2020 to develop a more consistent approach to car parking charges across the Dorset Council area. This included a review of on-street car parking charges, council car park prices and car park permits.

The resultant increase in the all-day parking charge – which already quadrupled from £2 to £8 in Lyme Regis in 2021 and is now increasing further to £10 – has caused some concern locally, particularly among hospitality staff who say they will struggle to pay the increased fees.

Residents and workers in Dorset can benefit from cheaper prices through two new car park permits, which are now available to purchase and replace the 76 existing old district/borough permits.

The short stay car park permit provides parking for two hours every day in the majority of Dorset Council short stay car parks and costs £78 for 12 months.

The flexi stay car park permit provides unlimited parking in the majority of Dorset Council long stay car parks and free parking for two hours every day in the majority of Dorset Council short stay car parks. The flexi stay car park permit costs £25 a month or £260 for 12 months.

Car parking charges and fines fund the operation of the council’s parking services department. Any surplus the service makes goes into the highways service, helping fund drainage works, reactive pothole repairs, car park safety and general maintenance.

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  1. Another huge increase which is just too much in the current financial climate. Inflation at a record level, sky rocketing increase in the cost of living and the increase in the cost of fuel will certainly make me think twice before deciding on a visit to Lyme. I usually visit 4 times a year and can now see that reducing to 1 or 2. So the £32.00 you were getting at the car park will now be down to £16.00 if at all!…..and of course I always would spend in the Cafe’s, Shops and Pubs.

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