Highway safety the main concern for parish council

THE main issue raised by the public at September’s Uplyme Parish Council meeting was highway safety, with speeding vehicles and lack of footpaths for pedestrian safety the biggest concern.

It was also noted that heavy goods vehicles often drive on the wrong side of the road around the traffic-calming island at Crogg Lane.

The chairman Chris James requested all such concerns be reported to Devon County Council’s highways department with a copy of the letter/email to the parish clerk.

Devon Highways wish to inform all those responsible for placing “illegal” signs and notices on the grass verges of the highway that they will be removed and they ask that this practice cease.

There are hedges and trees again causing obstruction to road traffic, especially double-decker buses, on the B3651 (Lyme Road) and the parish council require them to be pruned by the landowner.

We do not wish the bus service to be rerouted or suspended again.

Ash dieback disease is already affecting trees within the parish. All landowners with an ash tree are strongly advised to look out for the signs of disease.

If an affected tree is not felled early then felling will be extremely expensive as it has to be felled without being able to climb it. Advice is available on the Devon County Council and other websites.

The parish council has decided to support the formation of an Uplyme Community Land Trust to enable affordable housing provision.

A public meeting will be held on November 20 and more details on this will follow.

The above content is supplied by Uplyme Parish Council

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