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Guitars On The Beach creator launches new ‘This is My Life’ service for elderly

THE creator of Guitars On The Beach is launching a new project for the benefit of residents of Lyme Regis – and this time he’s aiming to help the elderly and their families.

Lyme-born journalist and PR Geoff Baker is launching My Epilog – a new means for the elderly to record their life story for their families to treasure as an everlasting memory.

Geoff, a 64-year-old grandfather and former PR to The Beatles, is offering residents of the Lyme area the new facility to tell their story and create “the logbook of their lives”, choosing exactly how they want to be remembered by future generations of their loved ones.

“I’ve often thought that it’s unfair that only celebrities and the famous will be known about long after they’ve gone, but many ordinary people are forgotten after a couple of generations,” said Geoff.

“It bothered me that, apart from old photos and the memories of your children and grandchildren, the whole of your life story could be largely unknown to future generations of your family.

“And that’s a shame because every life is precious and so many rich, unusual and unique lives are going unlogged and unremembered.

“But everyone deserves to be remembered so I’m offering people a new, simple service which will ensure that you can be remembered forever and remembered exactly as you’d like to be. My Epilog is your own ‘This Is My Life’.

“With My Epilog your great-grandchildren, your great-great-grandchildren and all who ever come after you can know about your life. My Epilog is a permanent personal logbook of your life, your story told for your future generations just as you want to tell it. It’s like putting the leaves on your family tree.

“It’s a lovely gift, a unique birthday, anniversary or Mother’s Day present for a family to buy for a loved one or for you to give to your family. And it’s so easy – all you have to do is talk. I’ll do the rest.”

With My Epilog, Geoff will sit down with a client and record them talking about their life, for an hour or so. Then he turns the memories into a digital audio file and families will have their loved one’s story to remember them by forever.

Geoff said: “It’s truly very simple: you or a family member phone me and I’ll ask a few questions to get a little basic information about you – where you were born, your job, how many children, hobbies, favourite music, all simple stuff – and from that I’ll prepare some questions which will act just as prompts for when I sit down with you to record your life story.

“Then we make an appointment to meet in the comfort of your home, or wherever you like, with a family member present if you want, and I’ll gently interview you, for about an hour, making a digital recording.

“It’s a very enjoyable experience, everyone likes to talk about themselves and it’s lovely to remember.

“Then I’ll go away and make a digital audio file of your story, which will be emailed to you or to your family to have as an everlasting keepsake to play back whenever you like, both now and in the future.

“Besides the point about why should only celebrities be remembered, I thought of My Epilog because my own father died very suddenly and in the years since I have often wished that I had known more about his life, I would have liked to have had a recording of him telling his life story, listening to him saying how he lived it.”

Geoff said My Epilog offers many special benefits:

  • It’s you deciding exactly how you want to be remembered
  • It’s a constant comfort for loved ones as it will be just like you being in the room
  • A family treasure as it will inform next generations of what your time was like
  • It can act as a prompt to yourself when your own memory is going
  • It can help those facing Alzheimer’s and other problems with remembering
  • And it means that you need never be forgotten

“Tell your story for those who would one day like to hear it. Keep your life alive for future generations who might otherwise never know about you. Tell your tale while you can,” said Geoff.

“I’m a lifetime journalist who has conducted literally thousands of interviews and I’m hugely experienced and skilled at the art of gentle interviewing, which is basically all about good listening. But I am fascinated by everyone’s story; everybody has a life story and they all deserve to be logged for family, friends and posterity.”

My Epilog is being launched with an introductory offer of £50 per life story. For appointments, phone Geoff on 07856 367 823 or email

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