Explorers line up for floodlit box kart racing

USING torches as headlights, Explorer Scouts from the Charmouth Seagulls recently lined up in a very dark Charmouth recreation ground for a bit of floodlit box kart racing.

In total, the teams took part in four events. The first was a straight forward sprint, while the second involved tackling a tricky slalom course.

Then it was off to the back of the rec to take on the ‘moguls’ – the humps put in place for mountain bike riders. Here the first casualty was recorded – a broken broom handle axle as a result of a collision with a parked kart!

It was then back to the front of the Scouts’ headquarters for a bit of manoeuvrability testing, involving going forward and reverse into tight parking slots against the clock.

The whole evening was the first part of six-week drive to recruit new members. Other events in the programme included a night wide game in Charmouth Woods; pulling the Scout group’s 115kg trek cart to the top of Stonebarrow Hill, pony trekking and paint-balling.

Explorers is open to girls and boys aged 13 and half and above. For more information contact Melanie Harvey on: 07890 540979 or melanie@atthecoast.co.uk

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