Meet the Candidates – Dorset Council (Lyme Regis & Charmouth)

Rikey Austin (Labour)

I SO often hear that national party politics has no place at a local level. There was a time when I believed this, but that time has passed. We are facing a future when not only national but global issues effect us all every single day. The local rise of foodbank use, the loss of public services and public transport, the slashing of funding to our schools, hospitals, fire service, youth workers and mental health services. All of these are a direct result of austerity and austerity is a political decision made at a national level by a Conservative (Tory) government, and implemented by local tory councils at all levels, including our towns and villages. Add to this, the global crisis that we face. Within my children’s lifetime it is predicted that Spain will become a desert and even effective food production will be unable to provide enough for half of the world’s population. Labour have committed to reversing austerity cuts by targeting tax evasion and closing the loopholes that ensure that while we fight to retain even our most basic needs as a community, under a Tory government, the wealthiest 10 per cent have seen their incomes sour by a staggering 20 per cent. Labour’s radical Green New Plan includes investment in green technology and banning the fracking that threatens our own protected landscape. We need declare a climate emergency and support local initiatives to reverse this trend. The time for thinking small is over. We have a fight on our hands.

Cheryl Reynolds (Independent)

I’M standing for Lyme Town Council and the Dorset Council because I believe that you can only effectively represent the interests of Lyme and Charmouth at a higher level if you are involved at ground level in what goes on here. In the past, Lyme and Charmouth has had a bad deal with the county council riding roughshod over our wishes and sometimes it’s felt like we’re last in the queue, not getting our fair share of the spending. I don’t think we deserve to be last, I think we deserve better. And that’s why I’m standing as your independent candidate, so that I’m not dictated to by the policies of any political party; I won’t be bullied by the party line, there’s only one line in my book and that’s our line, I’m putting our home towns first. I will fight to get better policing so that we all can feel safer, I will fight for a better deal for local businesses and for more money to improve services for families, the elderly, the disabled and the needy. I will fight for a better, greener future for our young people, to improve local opportunities for them to live and work here. I will fight for greater promotion of our towns so that we can be more prosperous but all the while remembering that it’s your home, not the visitors’, and your say comes first. I’m a doer, not a talker, I’ll get things done for you at every level. Published by Cheryl Reynolds, 6 Manor Ave, Lyme Regis DT7 3AU.

Rob Smith (Green Party)

I LIVE with my family in Lyme Regis. I am an active member of the community, supporting Uplyme Church, the Marine Players and Turn Lyme Green. With a young family, I understand the need to protect the environment for future generations. I love this area, and am fully committed to its thriving, healthy community. Global warming is not a natural process. It is the result of poor decisions. Science tells us we have only 11 years left to stop catastrophic global warming, but have ignored it for 30. Lyme Regis and Charmouth’s breath taking coastal setting helps us celebrate the environment, but make us especially vulnerable to rising sea levels and extreme weather, which will only get worse if we don’t act now. Decisions made in Dorset matter. We can be part of the UK’s response to tackling climate change, and the UK should be leading the world. With my fellow Green councillors, I will speak up for the environment, ensuring the science is no longer ignored. We should transition from fossil fuels – not explore for more! The Green Party believes social and environmental concerns are inseparable. Our manifesto ( spells out our aims to improve social housing. We will ensure that everyone working for the council – directly or subcontracted, will receive at least a living wage (not just the minimum wage). We will lobby parliament to ensure social care is properly funded. We will work to improve public transport.

Daryl Turner (Conservative)

BORN in Lyme Regis and educated at the Woodroffe School, I had an extremely successful military career in the RAMC. I believe my previous wide spectrum of qualifications and affiliations to professional bodies will continue to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Dorset Council. I am a married man with three children, a daughter of 29 years and sons of 25 and 15 years. My firm belief is that local people should be influencing local issues, while able to understand the bigger picture and gain the bigger benefits for the area. I’ve worked hard as your county and district councillor for the last 12 years; always putting our area first and completing the Local Government Association’s flagship Leadership Academy course. As a Cabinet member at the county council, I’ve been involved in the majority of decisions made and as a Shadow Executive member and portfolio holder for the Environment, Roads & Parks, I’ve been at the centre in creating the new council, one of 20 chosen from 206 councillors. I’ve never made promises I can’t fulfil, but do promise to get our fair share from our new council. My objective is simple, if re-elected I will continue to work with and help our communities. A Strong voice at the unitary table, taking your voice to Dorchester. I feel very able to represent Charmouth and Lyme Regis in the challenging years to come. This five-year term will be exacting in every way – I’m ready. Highly experienced and effective, working for you. Promoted by Antony Stanley on behalf of Daryl Turner, Koala Cottage, 2 Brussels Buildings, Middle Street, Bradpole DT6 3HU

Use your vote on Thursday, May 2 2019!

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